Face The Task: The challange begins…

23. October 2008 at 15:32

Face the task N96

A month ago WOM World Nokia asked me whether I’d like to trial the N96. However, trialing the N96 is one side, the other is completing a series of weekly challenges set around the features of the device. What kind of challenges? Well, nothing too taxing, but WOM World would like me to film myself completing them in the most innovative and informative way I can, and of course stamp my own personality on the way I complete that challenge. There’ll be one a week for four weeks during the trial, and if I complete all four in a suitably intriguing way, then I’ll be able to win five extended N96 trials for readers of my Blog. Oh, and to make things just a bit more fun, they also send me a martial arts costume (inspired by facethetask.com) to wear while completing each of the tasks!

02082008024 by you.

So, today I received the N96 along with the wicket ninja costume. My first task is taking a geo-tagged picture of me wearing the ninja costume using the N96 and the Nokia viNe application. Yet, I have some issues with Nokia viNe but I think these problems are caused by the fact that Nokia viNe is still beta. So, as soon as the upload worked I’ll post more about the challenge, the task, the N96 and Nokia viNe. However, here you can see some pictures my girlfriend took just a second ago. I hope you like them…

02082008023 by you.02082008018 by you.