@Nokia & @NokiaUS Where Is Symbian Anna Update for USA?

20. September 2011 at 14:08

Still no Symbian Anna update on USA? Will the software update will surely come? Did Nokia accidentally missed to released the update to some Symbian^3 variants on this region? Well, these are just few unanswered questions that are circling on our twitter, facebook and blog’s comment section for many weeks already regarding the Anna update.


And through this post we will try to uncover direct answers from the Nokia team if what is the status of the Symbian Anna update for N. America. Also, we will ask you some few questions regarding this Symbian Anna update in order to make things organized here.

Please answer try to answer these questions through commenting below (Symbian^3 users in N. America):

  • Did you already received the update of Symbian Anna? If yes, when?
  • If still no Symbian Anna update for you, when did you bought your Nokia device?

So, for Nokia, is Symbian Anna update will come in USA and when?