Nokia 5800: Major Firmware Update to v20.0.012

9. February 2009 at 17:24


Finally the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music got it’s first major firmware update. V20.0.012 adds geo-tagging to the camera application, allows full device search and the usage of the front camera for self portraits. The update v20.0.0.12 can be downloaded via the Nokia Software Updater or straight from your 5800 by downloading it over the air. As the 5800 features User Data Preservation all data and information will stay on your device but it’s never bad to back-up all content.

Changes I’ve noticed so far:

  • geo-tagging now available
  • secondary camera now available
  • Dictionary, Search and App. update have been added
  • new icons for Podcast, Download!, Music and Switch
  • Telephone’s keypad has a new design
  • ‘Search’ searches for Internet content as well as for your content on your phone
  • touch screen is improved
  • bug fixes

Changes Rafe over from AAS noticed:

  • general operation seems smoother, screen rotations faster
  • playing back videos had less hiccups, especially on YouTube, where Web on the 5800 now becomes almost as good as a dedicated YouTube client

Below screenshots showing the changes:

(click to enlarge)

Sports Tracker0109Sports Tracker0101Sports Tracker0103

New podcast, Download! and Switch icon

Sports Tracker0102

New keypad style

Sports Tracker0110Sports Tracker0106Sports Tracker0112

Dictionary, Search and App. update have been added

Sports Tracker0108

Geo-tagging have been added

Sports Tracker0107

The secondary camera can be used too

Sports Tracker0106

Search’ searches for Internet content as well as your content on your phone


The icons within the music player got a face-lifting too