Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: Camera-Test Part 2

26. March 2009 at 21:22

DSCF9570 by you.

Some time ago I’ve posted part 1 of 5800’s camera test. In the first part I showed how good the 5800 is doing in good light conditions. However, how is it performing in bad light conditions? This is the question I want to answer in the second part. We’re using the N96 to compare the results as the N96 brings neutral results. Of course we know that we cannot compare these two devices but we really try to focus on the results of the 5800 and we use the N96 as an example only. Next to the 3.2 megapixel camera we find a Dual LED flash which should turn the night to day – we’ll see.

(left: N96 right: 5800) click to enlarge












As you can tell, some pictures went out pretty good and others not that good. Let’s start with the good results. Using the macro-mode and the flash you get some good and sharp pictures which are even better than N96’s results. Actually you can say that the closer you go the better is the quality. The flash is actually bright, not as bright as the N96, but it is bright. Nevertheless, the results aren’t that good when you are several meters away from the object. Due to the small lens just a limited amount of light can come into the lens. Details aren’t that sharp anymore and you can see blur all over the picture. All in all the pictures are acceptable but if you’re searching for a device to take pictures at night you should go for the N82, 6220, N79 or other devices.