Unboxing the Nokia N97

18. June 2009 at 22:12

DSCF0281 by you.

Today I received the Nokia N97 finally. It will be available in the next weeks in more than 75 countries. In the following days and weeks we will cover various topics giving you a closer look at the N97. First of we will unbox the N97. The packing looks really simple with a print of N97’s design. Compared to other boxes this box is smaller and has no images of the device. More over, the box is really environment friendly which shows Nokia’s new way. Things you can find in the packing:

  • Nokia N97 (RM-505)
  • USB like stylus
  • microUSB cable (CA-101)
  • battery with 1500mAh (BP-4L)
  • headset remote (AD-54)
  • headphones
  • USB-charger (AC-10E)
  • charger adapter for 2mm & 3,5mm (CA-146C)
  • Ovi CD
  • manuals
  • cleaning cloth
  • 3 months of voice guided navigation

The charger adapter is really nice and works well. You can use older charger without any problems. Although the N97 features TV-out no TV-out cable is included. However, some user may already own this cable. You can navigate with Nokia Maps for free for three months. If you may miss a microSD card I want to remind you that this device features 32GB of internal storage which should be enough for everybody.

Unboxing video:

Unboxing pictures: