N-Gage: Ducati Moto Now Available

10. September 2009 at 13:24



Vir2l Studios second N-Gage title “Ducati Moto” is now available to download from both the N-Gage Application on your phone and the N-Gage Showroom on your PC.

Ducati Moto is, as you probably expected, a motorbike racing game with a variety of different bikes and 15 Different tracks spanning the globe.

If you liked the Asphalt games and Crash Nitro kart, then you will probably enjoy this game.

At the moment im not exactly sure how much the game costs, but im expecting it to cost around 6 GBP – 8 GBP, as thats what the “usual” price of an N-Gage game costs, im also expecting the size of the game to be a download size of around 8mb, with an instal size of around 12mb.

For more information on Ducati Moto, head over to the N-Gage Showroom here.