Interview: Taimas aka. Phat^Trance

8. October 2007 at 14:32


Taimas aka. Phat^Trance is one of the newbies in the whole blog business. However his blog, Dailymobile, is really good and covers near every brand. some details about Taimas.

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So, tell me something about your person.(age, hobby etc.)
Well I’m a 26years old guy that lives in Stockholm / Sweden. My hobbies are mostly everything that concerns mobile phones (specially Symbian s60) and besides mobile phones I love music (Trance )

How do you come to the mobile and S60 scene?
It was actually when nokia 7650 was released in Sweden a couple years ago. I got a demo 7650 from nokia at work and i was really impressed with the UI and the big screen it had and all the new futures with the support of installing 3rd part applications J. It was from that moment I fell in love with s60 😉 before that I did mostly buy SonyEricsson phones.

Tell us something about your blog
I started the blog the 12th this month when I had a influenza and didn’t have anything to do and were really bored. So I thought, why not start a blog about things that interest me, so I started . The blog will be mostly about Nokia and SonyEricsson phone but there will be also some other articles / news about other manufactures too.

Do you have an idol (blogging idol)?
Well I do spend a lot of time at but when it comes to blogs I like Ricky Cadden blog Symbian-Guru.

What was your first S60 phone and which device do you have at the moment?
My first s60 was as mentioned a nokia 7650 and for the moment I have a Nokia n95 that I use and a SonyEricsson k610 and Nokia E65 as backup phone. And when the 8GB version of N95 is released in Sweden ill get that one too J

What do you like most about S60?
I like the web browser and the support for 3rd part applications.

Where should S60 makes improvements?
Well to start with they should add a sms/mms counter in the log so that we can see how many sms or mms we has sent / month, the second is that they should add more RAM to the phones and also better battery life doesn’t hurt J