Nokia Design: Nokia’s Design Philosophy & more Part 1

28. December 2009 at 18:43

Nokia Design by you.Axel E. Meyer, Head of Design, Nokia Nseries, talked in Berlin about Nokia’s design philosophy and the development of design. Design is an essential part indeed. For Nokia, really good mobile design is about more than just style. Design has to deliver objects and services that are not only beautiful to look at but that also work just the way people want them to. This beauty of use is central to Nokia’s design work and brand.

Nokia’s Inspiration – Designing for the World

Axel Meyer highlighted that observation is a key element in the design development.  They spend time with people at home and when they are on the move, observing how people use their mobiles in their day-to-day lives. Of course the designers cannot just concentrate on only one design, one group or one region.

Each Nokia design is guided by these key principles:
•Beautifully fits your lifestyle – how you work, play and where you live
•It’s something special – attention to detail makes it a joy to use and look at
• It is not one design for everyone – people can choose the one that best suits their lifestyle

Global Team, Local Inspiration

DSCF3305The lifes tyles, the needs and the taste differs from region to region.  Reflecting this Nokia have a global design team of around 320 people representing 34 different nationalities. This unique group includes industrial designers, materials specialists, psychologists, researchers, anthropologists, engineers and interaction design specialists.
Based in four main design studios: in Espoo (Finland), London, Beijing, and Calabasas (US), this team creates a global mix of ideas and perspectives. They also visit different locations around the world to immerse themselves in lifestyle, design and cultural trends, bringing these local insights back into the studios to inspire and influence exciting new design.

Looking Ahead

As crazy as it sounds the designers at Nokia are working always in the future and also shape the future. They always working years ahead and they have a major impact on how we use mobile communication in our lives in the future. Again, here you can see how important observation is as they constantly looking for new ideas and signals.

Stay tuned for the second part and learn more about Nokia and their design philosophy