An Introduction to Symbian^3

15. February 2010 at 10:28

Symbian^3 is the first fully open source version of the Symbian platform, and the second release of the Symbian platform by the Symbian Foundation. It extends Symbian^2 in many ways, including graphics support for advanced layering and effects, full HDMI support for a great television playback experience and improved data performance – ideal for streaming high definition audio and video. View the full press release or our blog for more information.

There’s a lot to benefit both users and developers in Symbian^3!

The most important improvements to the user experience:

  • Networking An improved networking architecture, ideal for streaming high definition audio and video
  • Multimedia Full HDMI support with HDCP to provide a great high definition video experience when plugging your mobile device into a television
  • Graphics Re-architected to harness the full power of graphics hardware acceleration and provide support for advanced layering and effects
  • Usability Improved single tap support to make the UI more fluid and easy to use

More Symbian ^3 Screenshots

S^3 also introduces major advances, which include:

  • HDMI support
  • Music store integration embedded within the radio
  • More efficient memory management
  • A new 2D and 3D graphics architecture
  • The industry-leading networking architecture, ready for 4G networks
  • One-click connectivity
  • Usability enhancements
  • Intuitive Homescreen

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