Nokia: “The fightback starts now”—do you believe?

3. July 2010 at 07:33


They say it, they mean it, but do you believe? Is David Pomeranz right that we should ‘Got to Believe in Magic’? Could this be the start of something new?

As Anssi Vanjoki starts to warm up the seat being the head of mobile solutions at Nokia, we couldn’t resist but to share our firm opinions on the words he shares. He left statements talking of great possibility of Symbian^4 being on Nseries devices, promises to win back Ricky Cadden, and keeping our high hopes for the upcoming Nokia N8 & MeeGo. In short thought, his words were very skillful telling to us that they are really motivated to win back Nokia as it was on the past years.

Is Symbian dying?
The answer can’t be found on why Ricky Cadden, let’s say, his waiting a big change from Nokia, but his Symbian site is already over(temporarily). Although it’s a great loss in this society, we should be grateful on his contributions to Nokia and Symbian users. We can’t blame Ricky & Rita on their choice, I’ve even thinking of the worse things on what Symbian might experience and last week I emailed Norman about it.

Norman and I came to a point that Symbian has a big space, too. Space to recover & develop. It’s a hard job and could be the toughest part of their time line. As smartphone rises, feature phones declines, referring this to the latest Mogan Stanley report that by 2011, North America will receive more smartphone shipments. The same goes in Asia, mass is starting to embrace smartphones and both Nokia and Symbian have a big role on this. Yet this could be a great opportunity for both.

Is Symbian the other half of Nseries?
We really hate posting rumuors and leaks here, the same as Nokia do avoiding talking of future products, but it’s quite different about Nokia statement that N8 will be the last Nseries to have the S^3 platform. It will be not sure if N8-xx will get all S^3 or only N8-00 will be the last S^3. But like Anssi said, Symbian^4 is a great possibility on Nseries and so N9 does.

To close this article, I believe that Anssi will the spark to the magic that Nokia need. It will be a tough one, but it will be worth to see on how Nokia will drive Symbian as well as to their new mobile computing platform, MeeGo.

So to the last question, do you believe that Nokia can do it?