Nokia C6 upgraded to C6-01 with 8MP & Price

16. July 2010 at 03:11

Nokia C6 8MPBefore the Nokia C6 (C6-00) will be available worldwide, the Nokia C6-01 was spotted in an official Nokia site. Gearing up an 8MP camera with dual LED flash. The C6-01 appears to be another variant for C6-00 but with 3MP difference on the camera, led flash, back design and of course the price. C6-01 is around €279 while the C6-00 is at €220.

Nokia C6-01 Black White

Nokia C6-01 Black and White 8MP dLED Flash

Nokia C6 Black

Nokia C6-00 BlackNokia C6-00 Black 5MP LED flash

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