Ovi Store Racism — Why it is called a store?

8. August 2010 at 15:16

Ovi Store racism

Have you ever experience finding apps in Ovi Store and ended with this “Your Search did not match any items compatible wit your mobile”. There are only three reasons for that, either there’s a typo or actually the item is not available in the Ovi Store or the most annoying reason is that Ovi Store don’t offer it to your country.

Let’s talk more on the last reason why we should quote Ovi Store as a “racist” and why there is a “racism” and sorry if I haven’t any adjective to define their predicament over us—or so do I need to?

The stats that Ovi Store have is very impressive, as EVP Niklas Savander noted that there are 1.7 million downloads of apps in Ovi Store everyday. But the thing that they keep on hiding and avoiding to comment is the fact that there are also millions of people frustrated with the Ovi Store experience especially on the quality of apps that are offered.

I’m not questioning the companies and distributor of apps—there are excellent ones. But the thing that Nokia is doing wrong is keeping the wrong apps in Ovi Store and making the store messed up with few great application and with overwhelming low-rated apps. Like on the recent Ovi App Wizard, hundreds of blog-based apps flooded the store and making the Ovi Store like mashed potatoes or babies’ cereals.

And the saddest part for us? We, especially in Asia, are left with few top-notch apps, bunch of the nuts, and almost no paid items. There are few payable apps that can be seen, like the Gravity and other upgradeable apps, though. Giving you a good example is the Doodle Jump that is impossible to try and buy if your living here. It make sense that they consider us illiterate in paying Ovi Store items and to finally underline the word racism.

If Nokia is not the reason why paid items isn’t available for millions of people, then to whom we should blame this? To the developers or to the laws that we have here? Answer is neither one of them. It’s the obligation of the company to deliver quality items from the store and giving it a good reason why it is called ‘OVI Store’ and not an OVI try and try portal.


I don’t really care on the “laws” that governed from manufacturer to distributor of apps that make this things happened. But my point is that Nokia should make some solutions regarding this issue. And the only thing that makes me stay with Ovi Store is because of the few developers that made quality apps and I don’t know when my limit will fall out.


Please update your featured applications. We are stuck for months now with those.

And is ovi store a racist for you – why and why not?