[Poll] Is everybody getting the Nokia N8?

30. August 2010 at 15:01

Nokia N8

After months of waiting patiently for the arrival of Nokia N8—but there were people who can’t wait, of course—we are finally down into days in getting the next Symbian^3-Nokia-multimedia-ultimate-affordable-smartphone. phew! Almost all fans can now pre-order their Nokia N8 that comes with variations of accessories in the sales package. We are not really sure about the marketing moves, but Europe might get a N8 that comes with silicone case, while Asia might have a free SU-36 Stylus. So awesome!

On the other hand, there were also lots befuddlement that are happening before the arrival, specifically that is on getting the right colour for N8. Currently, at the range of 5 different colours of anodized aluminium casing we have Orange, Blue, Green, Dark Grey which looks like a black one, and the Silver White. Picking the right colour for you is like picking for hot chick like Megan Fox against Jessica Alba or Keira Knightley. But I wish there would interchangeable casing and just change it when I got bored. Or just have Jessica Alba, Megan, and Keira together with you whilst relaxing in Caribbean. 😀

Or you could check our previous poll for White or Red Nokia N8.

So enough with hotness and awesomeness. I’m thinking that it would be better to start a survey and poll duo on the topic of Nokia N8. To those who were who already pre-ordered their Nokia N8 and to those not wanting to pre-order but preferred to get a queue on the stores soon.

If you got the N8 pre-ordered already, please hit up the poll below, same on the people who much likely to get the Nokia N8 in stores. And if you’re not getting it, what are your reason? already got an iPhone 4 or an Android? why?

I’m sharing this article that I’ve made on why we should wait for Nokia N8 (please click here).