iPhone 4 Retina Display pawned by Nokia E7 ClearBlack Display

14. September 2010 at 18:55

retina vs clearblackThe engadget guys have managed to put a comparison on Apple’s iPhone 4 Retina display against on the new CBD (ClearBlack Display) technology of Nokia. As we all know, these two new technological terms had just appeared this year, but what we don’t know if these technologies are really a worth to consider as a breakthrough. Let’s see on the comparison.

Few months back when Apple introduced the iPhone 4, they also highlighted its one feature, the Retina Display as one of the breakthrough that iPhone 4 have giving it a better viewing output from the screen. Whilst today, Nokia also delivered the CBD technology to their new Symbian^3 devices, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and C6-01. What they managed to innovate from the previous works they have is the layering of a blacker screen background and by repositioning the screens, and last is the combining to AMOLED. As Nokia said, CBD provides less power consumption and resulting to a better viewing experience for users.

Nonetheless, we should see the comparison to know if how do they differ and which you consider a better viewing experience. So can you spot the difference?

nokia e7 cbd vs iphone 4 retina display

Via Engadget.com