Ovi’s staggering growth, but where are the paid Apps?

3. October 2010 at 06:32

Nokia E7 ovi storeThe latest Ovi statistics were out recently and it seems Nokia is very happy about it. With the staggering growth of 200, 000 new users signing up to Ovi each day and making the Ovi Store downloads to 2.3 million/day. The numbers also reflected on the 70 developers who reached more than 1 million downloads each, and now the total Nokia Ovi services users are approaching to 140 million worldwide.

Ovi is currently offered to 190 countries worldwide where we see great numbers of users from Asia. Most of these services are on the Maps, Music, Messaging, Store and Ovi Life Tools. These are free services that everyone can access from feature phones to Symbian smartphones.

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What’s more is that Nokia and AT&T are inspired to give a total of $10 million USD prizes for 2010 Calling All Innovators competition. All developers worldwide are encourage to join the competition by simple as creating apps and games for Nokia N8 / Symbian^3 in the use for North America regions.

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Other milestones include:

– An updated Ovi Store experience – debuting on the newly available Nokia N8 and coming to the full range of new Symbian smartphones – giving a friendlier look and feel, faster content discovery and more popular content choices such as foursquare and the smash hit game Angry Birds.

– Improvements for developers including new development tools and benefits such as free Java and Symbian signing, in-app purchase and beta in-app advertising programs, improved revenue share and advanced developer analytics.

– Significant enhancements to the Nokia Qt Software Development Kit (SDK) have resulted in a 70 percent reduction in the number of lines of code required when developing for the company’s family of Symbian smartphones.

– Continued expansion of Ovi Maps around the world and the integration of more new features. Walk and drive navigation is available in 78 countries and 46 languages and includes public transit details in more than 80 cities, and features such as check-in that supports location as the new social connector. Every day, maps usage is the equivalent of driving around the world 80 times.

– Available in 38 markets around the world and with approximately 11 million tracks in the global catalogue, Ovi Music is complemented by the popular interconnected Gig Finder app that uses personal music preferences to find relevant entertainment venues. Nokia is the largest single source of digital downloaded music revenue in Brazil, Mexico, India, Finland and South Africa.

– Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat have surpassed 17 million accounts, Nokia Messaging currently delivers push email and instant messaging to an active user base of 4 million people, and new social networking features on the Nokia N8 and other new Symbian-powered devices enhance Facebook and Twitter with a more seamless experience.

– In less than a year, Ovi Life Tools and its agricultural, educational and entertainment services for entry markets has attracted more than 4.7 million subscribers in China, India and Indonesia.

Ovi Store’s paid apps are still missing in many regions?

What’s our take on this issue is that greater regions are still missing many quality paid apps leaving only free contents. Most paid apps are essential to users on these regions and this year we didn’t hear any updates on the availability of these issue. You can see the mid 2010 Ovi Store maps distribution below with different sections in billings for operators and somehow there still regions left with free content only such as in parts of South East Asia.

Ovi Store distribution map worldwide

We are still hoping that Nokia is working fast on expanding the Ovi Store paid content in many regions, and give updates before the year ends.

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