Interview: Ewan Spence

27. April 2008 at 11:18

I think everybody knows Ewan Spence, whether from his own site or from Allaboutsymbian. However, do you know how he came to Nokia and S60? Read this interview to know more about this great guy.

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  • So,tell me something about your person.(age,hobby etc.)

    Most of my life is online, so there’s not much to add to that, but the standard stuff, in my early thirties, married, and my work is all online, with various sites and start-ups spread over the modern Web 2.0 map, from media to mobiles with lots of traditional reporting, writing and freelancing in between. And I’m a Sagittarius.

    How do you came to the mobile and S60 scene?

    It’s probably easier to say that mobile and S60 came to me. I started back in the pre-Symbian days with the SIBO based Psion Organisers, boasting a massive 128K of RAM and a monochrome 240×80 screen. As the devices evolved, I got more involved in the scene first with programming and development (I was one of the founders of a freeware ‘software house,’, and then moving into the reporting world by helping out on a site called that eventually became All About Epoc, then All About Symbian.

    Do you have an idol?

    No. I have people I repsect, and I look at things they do and wish I thought of it first, but fall down on my knees and worship? No.

    What was your first S60 phone and which device do you have at the moment?

    First S60 would have been the first S60, the Nokia 7650. Currently carry an N81 and N95 with me day to day.

    What do you like most about S60?

    It might seem hokey to say it just works, but it does.

    Where should S60 makes improves?

    …but it only really works if you put effort in. The learning curve for new users is way too high. The N81 ships with over 60 icons on the applications screens and sub menus. That’s too daunting for the new user.

    Now a question you miss and you want to answer?
    What are you drinking?