Video: Nokia N8 Drop Test – Tougher than iPhone 4?

11. November 2010 at 13:46

Would you imagine dropping your phone from feet above to somewhere solid like a cobbled street? Or maybe you are in dilemma of scratches that could penetrate your phone?

Well, stop thinking those stuffs again as Nokia again proved that their devices are the best in quality. And they have their superstar Nokia N8 tested on a drop test from their quality control labs. Yeah! They made several times of drop test!

And now it has been proven that N8 passed. Due to its form from size and shape, it all relates for the best quality and efficient use on the device. You should be thinking now that slimmer don’t always feel better when you hold it. Like on the famous iPhone 4 which is prone to cracks ‘coz it lacks gorilla glass and anodized pack. :)

Check out the SCRATCH TEST of Nokia N8 here.