Nokia E66: Q&A

28. June 2008 at 22:47

Some days ago I received the new Nokia E66 and I asked you for questions which I will answer in this post now. Of course you can post further questions into the comments section which I’ll answer later. Please, don’t hesitate and ask as many questions as you like. Anyway, let the Q&A starts:

  • I’d like to see a shot of the E66 fully ‘in’ the case that came with it.
  • Can you please make photos of the carrying case ? Front and back please, I would like to know if there’s a belt clip or not.

>Here we go:


As you can see there is no belt clip.

  • And about the battery life of the E66 ?

>A full batterylog will be posted soon. However, since the E66 has a 1000 mAh battery it’s rather strong and not as bad as N-series devices.

  • Yes, great picture. May I ask 2 questions?
    1. Screen size does it bigger than E65? (I used to own E65)
    2. Screen size does it bigger than N81? (I own now N81)

> The E65 has a 2.2” screen display, the N81 and the E66 a 2.4” screen.

  • Mi auguro che sia compatibile anche per Route Mobile 8

> Since it is based on S60 3rd Edition FP1 it of course support Route66. Yet I haven’t tested it on the E66 but as far as I know the latest Route 66 version works great on S60 devices.

  • Could you please check whether the Nokia E66 has some LED indicator for new SMS or Email message (like Nokia E51)?

>Yes, indeed. However, the LED isn’t above the display like you may know it from the E51 but under the d-pad. The LED under the d-pad will impulse when you have a new text message.

  • Please: make a video when the phone is booting. I would like to know how much time is needed to become operative!

>Ive already made a video where I compared it with the Nokia N82 Black. I think I’ll upload the video in the next days.

  • Has also the e66 an accelerometer like the n82?

>Yes, it does.

  • What about the build quality? Is the slider wobbly?

>Just one word: AWESOME. I’ve seen just a little amount of such good build devices. Due to the stainless steel finish it has a great build quality and feels solid like a rock. The slider is great too. No gabs and no wobbly slider.

  • Where is the speaker and is it loud or soft?

>The speaker is placed on the back, actually in the left corner. After having the N95 and the N82 I don’t like its loudspeaker. But this doesn’t mean that its speaker is bad, I just used to N82 and N95’s stereo speakers. Anyway, it’s loud and good enough to use it as a radio/mp3player in the kitchen,shower or anywhere else.

  • Aren’t the speakers placed on the bottom left and bottom right side of the phone? this is from what i say judging from the pictures. there’s nothin placed at the back except the nice meta; cover.

>No, you’re wrong. The things you mean are the buttons to open the cover. Believe me when I say that the speaker is placed on the back.

  • Does e66 have GPS or A-GPS?

>It has both.

  • I’ve never used a Nokia before so this may sound kind of noobish, but For some of the data applications can you set it to use wifi instead of a 3G network, or can you set it to only use wifi and not use a cellular data network at all [Say for the Nokia Maps application etc.] (I don’t have a data plan at the moment, and may be a while til i get one (stuck in a contract)) So I’d rather not get charged by my carrier.

>That’s no problem 😉 You can decide which data connection you choose. Being EDGE, 3G or Wifi. So, you don’t have to be worried. However, sometimes you have to check the setting because some application choose automatically their data connection.

  • What about the Display ..iv seen few pics of e66 but im not impressed with the color n quality of display and icons that the case or is it just the pics????

>Well, the icon look a little bit old and not as stylish as other S60 icons. Anyway, the display is bright and sharp.

  • Does the e66 have any lens cover? how about the e66’s video recording capabilities.. any good?

>It doesn’t have any lens cover. The video-quality is 240×320. This is okay, but not as good as the N82’s quality.

  • In your opinion, is the speaker placed conveniently at the back? For example, if the phone is placed on a table facing up, will the speaker get blocked for incoming calls, alarm, music etc.?

>All in all it’s okay. However, sometimes when I’m surfing in the web and I want to listen to music my hand covers the speaker which causes some bad noise. It would be better to place the speaker on the side(s).

  • which one should i buy ?? N82 or E66 ?? they both have wifi and hspda, right.. ??

>Well, it depends on you wishes. If you need a good camera you should choose the N82. Both devices are great but it always depends on what you need.