Symbian 101: Real Gaming is High Definition

8. January 2011 at 15:57

nokia n8 need for speed shift HDMost of the fans of SW will probably knew that I already posted some articles regarding Symbian^3’s prowess. Like on the big hit, Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4 article, the top 10 features of Symbian^3 etc. But I like to individually highlight the features that you think don’t exists on smartphone, that you think you will only get on other devices when in fact they don’t.

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Well, let’s go with this way. A Symbian 101 which I will highlight the  best features that you will only find on Symbian^3.

HD Games On Big Screen
So today, I got the HD gaming on the spotlight. And so you should probably think that Ngage 2.0 was already gone but that not kind of as we got the best gaming support for our home platform. Thus making more HD games to a multi-platform like currently we have the best HD games in Ovi Store like the SpiderMan, Avatar, Angry Birds, NFS: Shift and lots of more.

I also want to mention the HDMI and Dolby Surround Plus support of Nokia N8 that makes it a top multimedia device. And if you want more actions out from your gaming experience, the HDMI connection from N8 to HD TV and projectors will make it better. You can make your N8 as a steering wheel and you can project some Angry Birds scenes on a wall.