Free Cool Apps to Customize your Symbian Experience

26. February 2011 at 14:02

Last time we posted the 5 ways on how to make your phone looks cooler. And today we hitting another treat to all of you. We listed the different applications that you could use in customizing your phone’s UI.

We will start with home screen customizer apps for Nokia:

Voyager Home Screen – Free powerful apps that gives HTC Sense and iOS themes and blends to your phone. Plus it offers some unique social features right from your home screen. The use is not so smooth but you will get used to it. Aside from that it’s a free app that always ready for you to try. Get it from Ovi Store.

Grid – The app gives a new user experience in your Symbian^3 devices. It’s another way to escape the standard menu and experience the new look that you’ve been waiting for. Simple and very smooth use. Get it here.

*Spark – Is another home screen app that gives you access to your social places like Facebook and Twitter. For me this has the best UI changed with many widgets right from your home screen. The problem is that the app is not very smooth to use in N8 and much likely on previous devices. Anyway, it’s free from Ovi Store though.  Get it from Ovi Store.

N-Desk v2.5 – For both menu and key locker UI change, this app is definitely a must-try for you. Get it from Ovi Store.

SPB Mobile Shell Lite – For heavy and more extensive UI customize this app is recommended. From the wallpapers to icons editing for your whole UI change experience. You can upgrade to Pro version with more flexibility. Get it from Ovi Store.

What’s your favourite app from the top? Mine is *Spark. =)