Things You Could Do With Nokia N9’s NFC – Featuring NFC Hub, Nokia C7 Astound

31. July 2011 at 15:21

Near Field Communication or the NFC was already seen to some old Nokia devices but this year the company poured a heavier promotions of the said tech after they announced it bundled to Nokia C7 Astound and N9.

Well, I thought it would be nice to share you guys on what are the things you could benefit from NFC in your phone especially on your Nokia N9 and C7 Astound.

1) NFC File Transfer – With just one tap of your NFC enabled devices to NFC tags and phones then you’re already up to send or receive files like in a blink of an eye. So it basically reduces time of set up and speed is likely be faster for typical documents or file data.


Angry Birds Magic – This app uses NFC technology for users benefit. The trick is you tap your phone to another NFC phone in order to enable or unlock stages on Angry Birds.

Business Cards, Photos, Documents and more – The other basic example is of course wireless transfer of files from one phone to another with just tap. By this way it will be faster and easier to receive and share files.

NFC Tag base Advertisements and Promotions – On business solution, NFC will open another great possibility for consumers and establishments as it will be supporting product and company profile promotions through NFC tags. Users can access ads and info with just one tap to these NFC tags. More at

2) Tap And Connect through NFC – You can easily connect to NFC devices like portable speakers (Nokia 360 and Wireless Bluetooth Dock) with just one tap and then you’re already connected through Bluetooth or other connection method. What’s special is that the numbers of NFC enabled media devices are expanding fast. So later by this year you would surely see more NFC enabled devices.


Tap to portable speakers or stereo music dock and automatically be connected through Bluetooth.

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3) Pay or Access through NFC – Another great potential of NFC is it can be applied to alternative payment methods. You can have your train ticket credits stored in your phone or you can alternatively pay bills through your phone with just one tap to supported establishments like in gas stations or supermarkets. On Nokia N9, it says that it won’t support NFC payment methods.

NFC’s current status on mobile market are considered on its initial phase but experts sees coming years would be likely the time for mobile NFC to be embraced by millions. And having a NFC enabled phones like Nokia N9 or C7 are already a great features for all users.

So, are you excited too on getting NFC enabled phones? :)