Nokia App Reality: Nokia has the Apps!…really?

9. March 2014 at 10:27

“The new app reality. Nokia #Lumia has all the apps you need in the Windows Phone Store.” That is what the following video tells you. However, do you agree or not? I agree to a certain extend. Of course does the Windows Phone store offer the most must have apps. But how about apps that have a half-life period of several months or even weeks? For example the popular German game Quiz Duell? It became popular about two months ago and yet there is no WP version. Everyone in Germany is playing it. Everyone expect WP users. Same with Flappy Birds (I mean the original version)!  Slowly top apps are coming but that is the problem. They are coming SLOWLY!  Instagram took as long as the Facebook Messenger – over a year! Good for us user that those apps are coming eventually.  But the problem is that the apps or coming to slowly and that viral apps will never make it to the Windows Phone ecosystem.