Alphaprotection: e-Commerce fraud prevention for merchants

28. August 2017 at 19:57

Do you own a online store and are afraid of fraud? If so, there is help. Alfaprotection helps merchants to protect their online stores from malicious fraudsters. It screens all orders transacted using credit cards, PayPal, and so on for online frauds (also known as payment frauds or CNP frauds). As a result, it increases e-commerce merchant profits by reducing chargeback, improving operation efficiency and increasing revenue. Merchants can investigate all complex, high-risk orders in a simple way by using merchant administrative interface.


One feature is the risk score. Based on the analysis of your visitors, Alfaprotection offers a rating of 0.1% to 100%. 100% will mean a high risk, 0.1% is a very low risk. You can independently choose the most comfortable for you percentage and assign one of the three actions to the selected value which allow either to process the order automatically or send it for an additional check, or reject the order. You can manage these actions with the help of a convenient slider. Learn more over at