N93i: My final thoughts

5. October 2007 at 20:07

First of all I want to thank the whole WOMWorld team for sending me this N93i.

The N93i is the evolution of Nokias’s multimedia and camera monster N93. However is the N93i also a multimedia computer or is it only a normal cellphone? What are the advantages and the disadvantages of this phone? This post will answer it!

Main advantages:

  • 3.2 Megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom
  • W-LAN, Bluetooth, Tv-out, UPnP
  • 2.4” display
  • Video recording in VGA resolution with 30fps
  • Main disadvantages:
  • Large and heavy
  • bad Keypad
  • Battery life

Sales packed

Built quality:

You maybe know the N93, it’s a heap of plastic and it looks cheap. Now Nokia makes some improvements and the biggest of them is the change of the design and of the materials. As soon as you open the box , you will see the first, and maybe best improvement – the refleced externaldisplay. The externaldisplay looks really nobly and can also be used as a mirror. Although the N93i is really big and heavy it lies well in the hand and seems solid like a rock.The miniSD cardslot and the Pop Port are protected before dust by a flap. The upper part of the N93i is dominated of the huge 3.2 megapixel camera. If you want to have a closer look at the N93i than take a look at my N93i pictures

Here a video of the N93i:

The N93i offers you different ways to received and sent files. So you can sent your favourite mp3 via bluetooth or infrared, scan your Network via W-LAN (802.11g, 54 MBit/s) or upload your pictures via UMTS to Flickr. Of course you can surf with the N93i in the real Internet. Also here you have different ways to go online – via UMTS, GPRS or much faster via W-LAN. Thus the trip to the world wide web is successful, the N93i has the great S60 browser which is also built in in the N93 or N80. The browser represents the webpages really well and if you use the minimap you always know where you are. If you want to drop files between N93i and a computer you can use the provided USB-cable, the miniSD card or the wireless way -Bluetooth or Infrared. For the connection to the computer you don’t need any software because the computer recognize the N93i as an mass storage.


The N93i is a mix of multimedia device and PDA. Word, Exel, PDF and Power Point files – that’s no problem for the N93i. However, the internal Quickoffice can’t edit exel, word and powerpoint files, that’s a shame because it’s a smartphone you spent a lot money for and you cant edit the files. Only if you go pro (about 13€) or install other applications you can edit files.

The N93i has a folder called ”Office” with a calculator, a recorder, a barcode reader, a coverter, a notebook, Adope PDF, Quickoffice and Zip – everything a real smartphone needs. However what is a smartphone without a real email client? Nothing! Therefore the N93i got the good old S60 client which is also built in near every other S60 phone. In addition a mailbox setup wizard allows you to define mailboxes for use on your N93i. This takes only 1 minute and is really easy. You can synchronise your contacts, calender, notes and directory with Outlook. This takes also not long and is easy to handle.

First of all I want to mention that the N93i wasn’t developed as a mp3-phone but like every other S60 device is also the N93i a multitalent. The music player of the N93i playbacks MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA MIDI and WB-AMR.

You can sort the music by Albums, Artist and many more. Create playlist with your favourite music is also no problem. If you don’t like the soundquality you can use the Equaliser to improve the sound. You can chose between various modes like Pop or create your own modes. The monospeaker is really loud but not as good as the stereo speakers of the N95 or N800. Unfortunately the speaker is on the wrong place. I always cover the speaker with my finger. To switch the songs and volume you only need the navikey. That’s really easy but I’d prefer the musicplayer of the N95 because is more easily. You can even control the music when the N93i is closed. The externalscreen shows the Title, Artist, volume, time and a cool Spektrum.

The N93i has two cameras. A camera for videocalls and the main camera with 3.2 Megapixel ,3x optical zoom and a lens from Carl Zeiss.

The N93i takes pictures with 2.048 x 1.536 pixel. To take a picture you have to flip the N93i to a camcorder. There is also a joystick and extra buttons to zoom in and out, capture pictures/videos, change flash and to change to video/picturemode. You can choose between 6 different shooting modes.


How you can see are the pictures sharp but a little bit pale. In addition the LED isn’t really strong. All in All is the camera of the N93i not the best but it’s a good enough for flickr or snapshots. Here you can find a picturecomparism of the N93i, N95 and a Kodak.

Here are some samples:


A other great function of the N93i is the VGA videoquality. Like the N93, N95 and E90 records also the N93i videos in VGA quality with 30 frames per seconds. Here is comparison review and here a little sample:

The videoquality is really good but not as good as the N95 or N93. However you can connect your N93i to a Tv and show your recorded videos to your family, friends etc.


This point depends on the user and his finders. I have neither small nor big fingers but it was really difficult to write sms or emails on the N93i. The keypad is big and looks good but nevertheless it’s really difficult to write sms. Foto080Sometimes I had to use my SU-8W because after 10 sms with the N93i I had troubles with my fingers.

Here are more post about the N93i


So, would I buy the N93i? That’s a difficult question because there are some good and bad aspects. On the one hand site the N93i is a amazing device. It combines a camera, a laptop and a stylish phone. On the other hand site the formfactor is a big disadvantage. For some people it’s a little bit to big and heavy. All in all I would buy it because it has everything I need and it looks really stylish.