N800: Touch new. Surf new. Enjoy new.

22. October 2007 at 11:25

First of all I want to thank Lucy and the rest of the great WOMWorld team for this N800. Enjoy this review.

Here two galleries with a lot of pictures and screenshots:

Main advantages:
– huge high resolution 4.13″ screen
– W-Lan
– good internet browser with flash player 9
– two cardslots
– good stereo speakers

Main disadvantages:
– big and heavy

The N800 is not a normal Nseries device – it’s a Internet Tablet which runs on Linux Internet Tablet 2007. With his huge 4.13” touchscreen it could be a perfect replacement for your computer. However, is it really such a good device? This review will answer all questions.


Sales packed:
The N800 comes in a white/grey box which looks just like every other box. On back of the box you can find a brief summary of the device( in 6 different languages ) and also a Linux, Google talk and a Bluetooth symbol. However, the box is not like every other because the content in the box is something really special. Besides the N800 Internet Tablet (RX-34) are also a lot accessories included. The charger (AC-4E), USB cable (DKE-2), 128MByte miniSD card (MU-17), 2 pens, stereo headset (HS-48) and a casing case (CP-136). This is really bounteous from Nokia.

After opening the box you can see the N800 in all his beauty. The N800 looks nobly and feels good in your hands. The color mix of silver and black is looks excellent. In addition the materials, Nokia used, are really good – the chromed edge, the silver front with the little holes and the black back. The device seems to be solid like a rock but the silver chromed edge is the only place I see danger for scratches. All components are really good and there are no big gaps between the hardware and the cover.
However nobody is perfect and also the N800 isn’t. The batterycover trembles a little bit and makes also some noise when you touch it. The accessories like headset or charger fits perfect to and also into the N800. For users who use the N800 on the desk it has a integrated desk stand. This desk stand snaps in two positions – 45° and 90°. So you can put the N800 on the desk and surf in the internet, listen to music or do whatever you like.


Due to the N800 is a touch device it has only 8 keys. In the front you can find the big navi key, the escape key, menu key and swap key. These are big enough for all users, aren’t really noisy and react good.


On the upper part you can find the other 4 keys – the zoom-in key, full-screen key, zoom-out key and the power key. They are smaller than the 4 other keys but aren’t worse usable than the others. However sometimes I confusing the four upper keys because they are so small and so close together. Nevertheless the maintasks you do with the pen or in some cases with your finger. The touchscreen acts good and also fast. The best way to use the touchscreen is using the pen but you can also use your finger. The N800 recognise that a finger is use and enables things like the menu a little bit bigger. The virtual keyboard is also usable in two ways – via pen or via finger. For short emails is the virtual keyboard good but if you want to IM with your friends you need a bluetooth-keyboard like the SU-8W because it’s to strenuous to IM with the pen or with the finger.


The N800 is with his 206g a heavy tablet. It’s bigger than normal PDAs and also heavier. However if you bear in mind that the N800 has a 4.13” display it isn’t neither small nor big.



With his huge screen and his good stereo speakers is the N800 a perfect multimedia device. However every multimedia device needs a lot space for videos or music buts that’s no problem for the N800. The N800 has about 160Mbyte internal memory. You can also boost it up with SD cards or other cards with a SD-adapter. The cool thing about the N800 is the fact that the Tablet got two cardslots.

You can insert two memorycards. That mean that you can fill up 8 or even more Gbyte.

Nokia N800’s huge 4.13” touchscreen is really amazing. The 52 cm² big screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixel and is really bright. Of course you can switch between various brightness modes which is really useful. However like near every other phone/PDA reflects also N800’s display a little bit at sunlight.

The N800 isn’t a camera phone. It hasn’t neither a camera but it has a webcam for video calls. However with the application manager you can install a simple camera application. With this application you can use the webcam which is hidden in the device as a camera. This can be rotate so you can do self portrait pictures as well as normal pictures. The 640 x 480 pictures are not the best and aren’t comparable with a 7610 ( first Nokia with 1Megapixel) or even with the N95. Nevertheless you can use the N800 for little snapshots. The camera application offers you only a picturemode, no videomode and no other modes like macromode or nightmode.
You can view the taken pictures on the huge display. Due to the good display it’s a pleasure to view pictures and also videos on it. The N800 playbacks AVI, 3GP, MP4, MPG and Real Video. Unfortunately you have to convert the files to watch them clearly and in addition to that DivX isn’t supported. Anyway the N800 is a good replacement for your iPod Video or other handy videoplayer.

Here some photosamples:


The N800 has a Media Player which can of course playback Mp3s. Other supported Audio files are AAC, AMR, AWB, M4A, MP2, MP3, RA and WAV. The sound is via the original N800 headset good. If you like to use your own iPod headset, to improve the audioquality, you can do it as well. You need no adapter just plug it into the 3.5mm jack and enjoy the good and loud musicquality.
Of course you can playback the music via the stereo speakers of the N800. The speakers are loud and really clearly. If you don’t like your personal music you can also listen to internet radio and let them stream into your ears. Like near every other smartphone / PDA has also the N800 a multitaskfunction so you can listen to music and surf in the internet at the same time. You can also create your own playlist and playback the music in shuffelmode. Unfortunately has the Media Player no Equalizer to improve the quality.


The N800 Internet Tablet has W-Lan (802.11g, 54 MBit/s), Bluetooth and also standart USB 2.0. Im happy that Nokia uses more and more standard USB in their devices. N800’s bluetooth works fine. In the test it works great with my N95, my computer and also with my SU-8W. Transferring a 4.7Mbyte Mp3 from N800 to N95 only took less than 2 minutes. Transferring a 11MByte file from computer to N800 took about 11sek. Of course has the Internet Tablet a email-client. Receiving and sending emails is really easy and works fine. You can insert files and also received emails with attachments.


That’s the most important task for the N800. The Internet Tablet is using Opera 8 to Show the webpages on the huge display. Surfing in the web is a real pleasure. The webgapes are just looking like on your computer and you can zoom in and out. Even flashvideos like youtube are thanks flash player 9 no problem for the N800. Besides the N800 loads the webpages really fast if you have a constant and good W-Lan assess point. If you wouldn’t visit all your favorite pages you also can use the RSS feed reader. This RSS feed reader is one of my most used programs.


Before you can start exploring the whole power of this device you need a while to get into this device and the OS.
At the beginning the menu is a little bit confusing but after an hour are the most question are already answered. However some application like Bluetooth for example are hidden deeply in the menu.

Nevertheless you can create new folders and move application to other folders. Thanks to the 330Mhz CPU and the lot of RAM the N800 never restarted or crashed down in my whole testperiod ( 2 weeks). It just frozen sometimes but all in all I’m really impressed by the N800. If you like you can change the background image and the theme. Installing application is a little bit difficult. If you used to sis files you have to forget everything you learned. You have to use the Application manager to create catalogs and than to install application like Pidgin ( Internet Messenger ).

Office and businessapplications:
Businessapplications are not the advantages of the N800. On the one hand the N800 offers you a calculator, a world clock, notes and a PDF reader. However on the other hand isn’t a reader for Word, Exel and Powerpoint files installed as well as a calendar. That really disappoints me.

The N800 really deserved the title ‘Internet Tablet’. Surfing in the web and talk with friends via Skype is a big fun. The N800 has a good built quality and looks nobly. Besides that is the huge and highesolution screen just amazing. Nevertheless is the fact that the N800 hasn’t a calendar and officeviewer insufficient. All in all I’m really satisfied and I would also buy it.