Review: Nokia BH-701

5. July 2008 at 17:04

About two weeks ago I received the Nokia BH-701 bluetooth headset. Today I want to share my review of this gadget with you.

Sales Package

The Nokia BH-701 comes in a handy grey box with some kind of blue “light circles” all around the box. On the front there’s the Nokia-logo and a little window where you can see the headset. Over this window there’s written

Free your hands with unique stlye″.

On the right side bottom is the bluetooth-logo.

The backside features a little information text about the gadget in 9 different languages. There are also some trademarks.

If you open the box there are two floors. The first floor includes only the BH-701 itself.

The second floor includes the charger and the headset strap.

Under the second floor there is the carrying pouch and the manual which features the same 9 languages as the boxes’ backside.


Nokia says the BH-701 has an unique style – and that is right. It is small, has a metallic front and a white backside. It features two keys all over the device. One of them is the silver, metallic multifunction key on the front and the other is the white volume key on the left side of the BH-701.

On the right side thres is the connector for charging the BH-701 and on the inside of the top there is a LED which shines blue, red or green. The ear loop is very thin, but big and so you can notice it while wearing the headset. The body of the headset is made of stable plastic in white which looks very nobly. The front is made out of metal and so it looks very nobly.

Build quality

The gadget is built very good and there are no problems with shaking parts or something. The ear loop fits perfectly with its holding. There are no gaps and all the corners are rounded very well.


The BH-701 is very light and small. With a weight of 13 g you can’t notice it on your ear. Its dimensions are 55 x 14 x 10,7 mm. If you have a ruler near you just measure those dimensions – they’re very small, aren’t they?

Setting up

It is very easy to set up the BH-701 to use it with your mobile phone. You just need to press the metallic multifunction key till the LED is flashing blue. Then you have to search the BH-701 with your mobile phone as a paired device. If you have found it just enter the code 0000 and the headset is paired with your phone.

If you have done this the first time you will not need to do it again, just go to the bluetooth-menu of your phone, then go to “paired devices”, look for the Nokia BH-701 in your paired devices list and choose “connect to audio device”.

As you can see it is very easy to set up the BH-701 with your device and if you have done it for the first time you can connect to the headset within a few seconds.

Sound quality

The bluetooth headset has a very good sound and you can also listen to music with it. The volume is very loud and understanding your caller is no problem even in a loud environment.

Battery life

The battery life of the BH-701 is very long and I haven’t needed to charge it yet although I was using it very much for listening to music and calls. But I have to say that the battery of my mobile phone was empty very fast because of the constant bluetooth-connection to the audio device.


The Nokia BH-701 bluetooth headset is a small and light device with a good build quality. It has a great sound quality and a long battery life. This gadget fits perfectly with every kind of ears and it looks very nobly, especially for the female users. The handling with the volume key is not easy because it is very small – in this point I prefer the touch-sensitive volume control of the BH-803. The big earloop is matter of taste, I don’t like it very much.

All in all I think the BH-701 is a headset especially for female users because of it’s design.