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Nokia World is a complete Symbian, Meego and Windows Phone resource. It is designed to bring the latest news and mobile device reviews directly to our readers. Founded in April 2007, SymbianWorld (later renamed to NokiaWorld) has become one of the biggest Symbian blogs on the internet, with a large number of dedicated readers which is increasing day by day. We offer our readers a huge download section through which they can find hundreds of great applications and themes. We also have a fantastic tutorial section where readers can learn different ways to use their device and better their mobile experience. We also do not require a reader membership nor would anyone need to sign up to leave any comments. Nokia is completely open to all Nokia enthusiasts and we willingly encourage reader participation through comments.

Norman John

Admin, Founder & Marketing

Norman John

My name is Norman John , I am the founder, admin and editor-in-chief of this blog.  I’m am living in Wolfsburg, Germany and used to work for Nokia from August 2010 until June 2012. In this time I stopped writing for this blog, as I didn’t wanted to be a blogger and working for Nokia at the same time. However, now as I no longer work for Nokia I again started to blog here on NokiaWorld. I’m currently 24 years of age. I’ve had my hands on almost every OS, being the very first S60, UIQ, Android, Windows Phone or iOS. Symbian is the OS I was using last 8 years. However, with Nokia changing their strategy I also switched to Windows Phone and now using a yellow Nokia Lumia 1020.